Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Trip to Phoenix

Hi All,
My son is a high school senior this year. He's working on the college search and our local school gives each senior 3 days to visit college. Son has decided he wants to go to a college in AZ (All across the country), so we're flying out there in early Nov. to check it out.
We're also thinking about hitting Mexico for the day.
My question is: What are some things out there that can't be missed? I know we're eating at Hardrock Cafe one of the nights. It's my favorite resteraunt and I'm addicted to their pins!

Anyone else go out there in the fall? I'd really appreciate some
suggestions on places to see and what kind of clothes we should need.
Also need advice on photographing in the desert. My son wants his senior photos taken out there and since that's my job, I'll be lugging 50 pounds of camera equipment onto the airplane.


Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Day at the Hazen Flea Market

We love heading off to the Hazen Flea Market. They're open the first weekend of each month during the summer months. This weekend was the final of the season. You can find anything there! I do mean anything. I get my favorite jerkey and meat sticks there. I love turkey jerkey! My favorite retailer has the best turkey jerky around. We have a fridge filled with it from yesterday's excursion, but I know it won't last too long. It never does.

I didn't photograph the colorful bongs (the sellers didn't look amused when I lined up the shot), but have some of the many knock off purses. I LOVE designer purses, I have a serious addiction to Coach bags and I will never admit exactly what I paid for the last one I bought, so I find it very offensive to see such obvious fakes for sale. They can't touch the lines and gorgeous materials of the real ones.

There was an awesome guitar that I would truly have loved to bring home.

The flea market attracts hundreds of Amish families. To keep from offending them, I only take shots from the side or behind and never photograph their faces.

Already looking forward to May, 2013!