Monday, June 13, 2016

Another attack

     It seems like America is becoming jaded to hearing those words, "Deadly Gun Massacre" or words to those affect. They will tsk tsk, maybe rail out against the gun industry and behind doors they will cheer with glee that PEOPLE they don't think deserve to live are gone. I'm here to tell you it's not a gun problem. I know, I must be one of those eeeeeevvvvviiiiillll NRA members. Sorry, just a true American who believes in my Rights. Love the 1st, 5th is a must and so many more. Read our Constitution and Bill of Rights. There's more to life than your fantasy football game.

     Now, back to my thoughts. On a night like this, it's impossible for me to sleep. The words keep poking me, demanding to be let out. The last newspaper editor I worked for told me I cared too much about my family to be a "good reporter." HAH! Just the week before he was crowing about me finding a murderer's best friend and getting him to agree to go on record about what he knew BEFORE the police found him. The next, I'm not good enough. He did get rid of most women in the newsroom, so I won't take offence, much. Revenge is beneath me, but accidents do happen.

     Guns are not the only means to cause mass casualties, not by far. Does anyone remember the OK City bombing? Am I giving away my age? Not 1 gun was used to kill those people. It's a simple recipe, a 2-minute Google will find it for you. If that nut who murdered all the innocents in Orlando yesterday had gone out and rented a truck, bought a load of fertilizer (gonna outlaw those two things? Didn't think so) and that one last ingredient, backed that truck up to the door of the club and it would have killed more than 50 people, not just in the gay club, but in the streets, other buildings, etc... Again, it's totally legal to buy and 99% of the time isn't even written down)

   This is America, we fought to become FREE. Yeah, freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose. Well, I say that's how we all need to live. We're free! You don't know what nut is out there and hates you. Maybe he hates women, children, blondes, bodybuilders, etc, etc, etc. It doesn't matter who or what you are or believe in, there's somebody out there that hates you for it. It could be just random, you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, such as the Boston Marathon. Should we stop living because there's chance that we could walk out our door and not come back? Stay hidden behind our walls and just bleet to the government to protect you and take away all your rights? I'm sure there are many who would be happy to do just that. I'm not one of them. I will hop on a plane with one of my kids for a three day adventure on the other side of the country and end up there over a week. That's what we all should live for. Who cares about the STUFF you own? I have a little house, in a little town, but I've spent a week in Paris alone, seen most of the US and absolutely love Canada and Mexico. I go, see and do. The thought of having one of those huge McMansions people seem to want with the fence around their perfectly manicured lawn and huge flower beds make me want to sell my Coach or Louis Vuitton bags, well, almost.

    I don't' know the real point of this post. I'm not really writing it, the words are just coming out the way they want. Maybe the blessed Darkness will allow me entry for a few hours now? Until I'm manic again. TA!