Monday, July 17, 2017

Beware of a new IRS scammer

Once again, I have been targeted by scammers. The call arrived on my cellphone on Monfay, July 17.

The call was a robo~call from "Officer Ryan Smith of the IRS." He went on to claim I was being investigated for illegal activities. He left his name and demanded I return his call. If I don't return his call, it's because I'm obstinate or something. By this point, I was laughing.

It amused me, but it would terrify an elderly person. Talk to your family, explain the IRS would never call, they would make contact by mail. Don't let these scammers take anymore money. If you get a call like this, write down the number calling you, hang up and immediately call the police. The more information on these cretins, the faster they can be shut down.

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