Friday, April 12, 2013

The Evil Dead remake -- Does contain spoilers

We went to see the remake of the Evil Dead last weekend and really enjoyed it. It's not the original, that's for sure. I think that's why we enjoyed it so much. There's no way I could have sat through it if they tried to remake Bruce Campbell. He is why the series was so successful as a light-hearted horror comedy. He's one of a kind. There were many nods to the original. Make sure you stay til all the credits have rolled to get a special treat from Bruce himself. It's "Groovy!"

The new version is true horror with oceans of blood. They don't say there's a death and pan away from it while it happens off camera, they show every brutal second of it. The movie almost seems to revel in how much blood and gore it can use and stay a Rated R movie. A chainsaw was good enough to take care of the dead before and it's still good enough now. I'm hoping this one is successful enough that the other two are also remade. Army of Darkness should be really something done as a pure horror flick.

I would like to take my son to see it now. He's 18 and has been watching horror movies practically since birth. I wouldn't suggest it for young kids, but older teens should have no trouble with it. They were raised on violent video games, so blood doesn't bother them.

Did anyone else see it? What do you think?