Monday, February 25, 2013

Congratulations, Kaitlyn and Tony

My cousin Kaitlyn and the love of her life, Tony were married over the weekend. They are young, but when you looked at the, you could see the love. Their daughter is gorgeous and Kaityln has a daughter from a previous relationship, but to Tony, they are both his girls. He is what I wish for all the women I love - a man who will step up and do what's right, even if he might not be biologically related.

I did their photography, of course, and really enjoyed the day. I'm slowly going through the photos and hope to get everything done within the next two weeks.

Again, Congratulations, Kaitlyn and Tony! May your life be nothing but smiles, love and laughter!


  1. Congratulations to your cousin and Tony!

  2. Thank you, Linda. I'll pass it on to them. It was a beautiful wedding. Watching Tony, it's obvious that those girls are his life. He couldn't stop looking at Kaitlyn, even during the prayer, he just had to see her. They're young, but it's true love for sure.