Saturday, September 28, 2013

More health woes

As everyone who regularly reads here or knows me personally knows I'm quite ill & need a large variety of medicines every month just to keep me alive.

Our former pharmacy ~ Rite~Aide ~ made life miserable because they rarely had my medicine, even though I got the same things every month. This month, I dropped off the prescriptions a day early to give plenty of time to have them ready. My son stopped on his way to college because I was in too much pain to stand up, let alone drive there. He was given one medicine & one paper script back that had find a new pharmacy on it & he wasn't told when or if the other 5 would be available. What? I'm out of meds, they knew at least one day early, but didn't care enough to call. My doctor's office was dumb~founded how they treat me. They called around & found a new pharmacy who agreed to take over my large order.

Randy & I went down to the new pharmacy with a large bag filled with all my meds & the pharmacist spent at least a half hour going over what I need & assured me there would never be a problem. I guess Rite Aid is just too busy to need or care about its long~term customers. <

One of the worst things Rite Aid did to me is made me the butt of jokes. I was being treated at the Cleveland Clinic & they needed to call there for a refill. The technician had several of my other scripts in a basket & my name was clearly visible. The store was packed. She loudly said, "We'll need to get approval from the Secret Service next." That's when she saw me there. No apology, no nothing. I complained to the pharmacist & he didn't understand why I was upset.

Yesterday when I told them we are changing pharmacies & asked for the district manager's phone number. The same pharmacist refused to do that.

I ask you, my friends, was I out of line in any of this nightmare? I'm just able to walk now, but need a pain shot soon before bed. Why would any business in today's economy throw away good customers? Has anyone else had trouble with Rite Aid? I would never recommend that place to anyone. =~{

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  1. I have not done business with Rite Aid; thankful that I haven't! Look up Rite Aid on the Internet. I am sure you can find a POC, high enough up in the company, to write to. You wouldn't have to do much more than copy and paste what you wrote in this blog post. I am glad that you found a pharmacy that can take care of you professionally!