Friday, December 27, 2013

More Rotten Health Issues

It's no surprise I've been back to the hospital again. My daughter and I went yesterday morning. My left shoulder, elbow and arm have been killing me lately, but I've been trying to ignore it for as long as possible. The pain finally got to be too much and after about a dozen x-rays for me, I find I have a possible torn rotator cuff, damaged biceps muscle and injured elbow. I fell trying to get out of bed the day after my last surgery and caught myself by putting out my hand. BIG MISTAKE!

That means I wear a brace on my left hand for carpal tunnel syndrome, pain patches to let me deal with the pain and a sling to keep the weight off my shoulder. I have to take it off every few hours and move my shoulder around to keep it from freezing. Not a fun thing. Been there, done that, have a massage therapist in the family to fix it. I've already had surgery on this shoulder back in 2006 to remove excess cartilage and had this arm and elbow broken in 1996, so it's about time to just replace it with a bionic shoulder and arm. That would be fun, I think. :).

If the steroids I'm on don't make a pretty significant difference, I'll have to go see a bone doctor and get an MRI and maybe another surgery. Not looking forward to that. I do go for a nerve conduction test in 2 weeks on this arm. That is one of the worst tests pain-wise I've ever had done, so I'm not looking forward to it.

Better get my arm back in the sling, it's starting to hurt a lot.


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