Saturday, February 22, 2014

Black Moon Inn

I'm stuck in bed thanks to knee surgery (I tore my meniscus somehow), so I picked up a new book. It's Laurell K. Hamilton's Black Moon Inn. Her books are incredible. I sit down, intending to only read a page or two and before I know it, I've finished three chapters! She has a way of making things come alive with her use of words. I'm instantly transported to the world where Anita Blake is actually a legal vampire executioner, zombie raiser, dating the city's master vampire and just broke up with the city's alpha werewolf and is the lupa (highest ranking female) in the werewolf pack! There are other shifters in her world. In this book, we're introduced to a young wereleopard named Nathaniel. He's lowest on the pack's rank and had been almost killed when Anita is called in to protect him.

I have almost all of her books, thanks to a find in a second hand store. I think some girl went to college and her mother took the chance to get rid of all that paranormal "romance" her daughter was keeping in her room. I know I'd be upset if my entire collection went missing. I feel like I'm saving her teenage years, even though we've never met.

If you've never sampled one of her novels, be warned they are not rated PG. They are for adults only. Think of them as a paranormal fan's Fifty Shades of Grey! :). With all things vampire and zombie being so popular, we might just see Anita's story come to life on the big screen?

My knee should be fine. The stitches come out in two weeks and I can start trying to put weight on it Monday. It's hurting today and I'm using a walker, so my arms are killing me. I'll be ok though. After all I've survived, a little forced bed rest is nothing.


  1. Make sure you do all the strength exercises. They really help to return mobility after that surgery.

  2. I don't get any therapy, thanks to our wonderful insurance. I'm trying to slowly get it back to normal. I can put a little weight on it now, but can't bend it and when it twists at all, I hit the ground crying! I don't know what to do. Have you had the therapy? I'd really appreciate any advice to work on it.