Saturday, January 23, 2016

Scammers Out There Making New Rounds

     I made the mistake of signing up for a Best Buy card because I use a lot of high end cameras and computers and with their membership, you get points to give free merchandise. When we were in CA in June, I earned enough points to purchase a free camera battery. I thought it was a great deal until I started getting calls from Citi Bank a minimum twice a day. I have no idea what that is for because I have no cards from Citi Bank. I finally get tired of this nonsense and return their call. It's Best Buy. I received my current statement on Thursday, but the "customer service" says I'm 11 days behind in payment. What?

     I go through the game they play that I'm mistaken and the bill WAS delivered. Of course, I'm a liar. They never make a mistake. They also say they record all calls, I tell them I also record all my calls. The "escalation" manager said he does not give permission to record his call and I repeat that I do not give consent to record my calls. He blubbers around. I explain in my State, only one person has to give permission to record and I give myself permission. I ask what State he was in and he refused to give it. Why? Because he is in a State that requires both parties consent to record a all or any conversation. Please people, learn the laws in your State. Don't let these scammers take advantage of you.

     I took care of him and his garbage and told them I never want to hear from them again or I'll call our Attorney General and file formal harassment charges. He blubbers again and I let him off the hook and hang up.

     I don't let scammers get me anymore. After the "IRS" called to tell there was a warrant out for my husband's arrest because we sent entirely too much money to our family in other countries. All my family is within 30 minutes drive of me. They called again and my husband was home. He was furious because they had me so upset. I was very ill and the stress was bad for me, so he played with them. He said you had to send me a certified letter about this. The "agent" said it was sent and they knew he threw it in the garbage. Oh really? Yes, they went through our garbage and found it. We have three cats, so I'm wondering how they managed to find anything with the cat litter. He insisted a warrant would be sent to our local sheriff and we would be arrested. Hubby asked which officer would be coming since they were here, he's save them time. The scammers hung up and never called back.

     Another scam is going around and that I want to let you in on. I have been getting calls from a man with an Indian accent asking to talk about my computer. What computer? The one you check your e-mail on. I have 4 computers, a couple laptops, plus a bunch of smartphones. He gets confused. I ask if he's with the scammers that called the day before. He said, "Yes," and I started laughing then. He got very angry. He'll shut my computers down if I don't let him have access to them now. RIGHT! I tell him where he can put his phone and hang up. They haven't called today, but I imagine they will.

     Please people, NEVER sent money to anyone without checking with your local police department. They have all the scams and will save you everything you have.

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