Thursday, February 13, 2020

Large Family Travelling

Hubby and I grew up with families who took yearly family vacations as well as other trips throughout the year. My family always took a trip with our four, plus Mom's two sisters & their families, their parents and Grandma's sister and brother~in~law. I was raised to love all generations, so it was nothing for me to include others in our vacations or day trips.

Our first granddaughter was born last year and we couldn't imagine leaving her behind. It started with local carnivals when she was one month old when we drove three hours each way to pick up her uncle Trevor and Aunt Ana from the airport when they flew in from California to be her godparents, then at two months, Randy and I took her to the local carnivals because her mother had to work.

Randy went all out for her first birthday and booked a week in Ontario, Canada. We had a hotel facing Niagara Falls, so she got to wake up seeing the Falls and go to sleep seeing the lights on the Falls. Incredible! She shopped til she dropped more than once. Her best stuffed friend was included in all the photos. For Mothers' Day, we drove up to Bloor Street in Toronto and I got my first Louis Vuitton purse. It was a trip to remember.

We headed to the West Coast later that summer and spent a week with our son. Universal Studios was nice, but I wouldn't do it again. There wasn't enough for a one-year old kid and I was in a wheelchair at the time. We loved our day trip to Tijuana and visiting friends there. Truly the kindest people around.

Our little one gave us no trouble on the planes, even when we were in our seats for hour at a time. We brought along her carseat and she mainly slept on the many flights and layovers. Once we hit San Diego, she headed straight for the ocean. Children are pretty flexible and I can't understand why people think international travel with babies or kids is a nightmare. How will your child ever learn if they don't travel?

Anyway, just random thoughts. Hope everyone has great trips planned!

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