Thursday, March 15, 2018

Searching for a 30th wedding anniversary trip to NYC

My husband and I have been together my entire adult life and in August, we'll celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary.  Where did all the years go?

Our current dream trip is a weekend in NYC. We want to have a guided tour our first time, so I'll begin the research necessary to give the safety of a group, but enough flexability to see and do what we want ~ Statue of Liberty, Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square, riding a double decker tour bus and a Broadway show. Of course, souvenir shopping for my family is important as well.

I'm asking my readers for any ideas or suggestions on trips they've made. Is it safe to be out at night? Best hotels to use? Best tour companies. Any tip will be gratefully appreciated.

We have until August when our anniversary hits.

I'm ready to take a bite out of the Big Apple.



  1. Megan? Have you sorted out this trip in AUGUST? I can't help with the best "TOUR GROUP" , but I can advise on best�� hotels, best (imho) restaurants and good times for ELLIS ISLAND�� AND LADY�� LIBERTY, Prettiest ��BRIDGES AND MUST VISIT PLACES OF WORSHIP⛪����! Do let me know if you could use any ��HELLLLLLP��! C*

  2. Oh! Whaddaya KNOW! This was all in 2018! Funny -NOTfunny how the �� DATE of original published post doesn't SHOW in the preview, only when PUBLISHED! GOOGLE PEOPLE?! WORK ON THAT,'K? Thanks in advance!!��