Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Hatebreed 25 Years of Destruction tour

I got an email there were tickets left to this show on Thursday and the show was Friday, three hours away. No problem really, there were five bands and tickets were $25, so $5 a band. How could we miss it? Heavy metal is my favorite genre, so I ordered them and we went to Pittsburgh.

The first band was Fit For An Autopsy and they were in incredible! We were front row center and held the spot all night. I met the singer - Joe Badalato before the show. He was a great guy. We'll go see them again with no hesitation.

Can't say I'm a fan of Terror. The singer kept taunting the stoners to rush the stage and "Give security something to do." I got kicked in the head, pushed, punched, etc .  It was insane. Was so happy to see them go.

Cro-Mags were good, but again the stoners made it hard to enjoy when I had to duck flying feet. Pot was openly smoked at the show, there was clouds of smoke. Even the singer commented on it.

Obituary was great to see and hear live. Crowd surfers in combat boots hurt the total experiencethough.

The headliner was Hatebreed. These guys were the show. From the second they took the stage, it was obvious they were stars. When fans started rushing security the first two minutes, Jamey stopped singing and called for the lights. He made sure nobody was hurt and called for a circle run, at the back! That move made him two new fans. That removed the pressure and I didn't hit the floor every five minutes.

It was an experience we never had before and while I'm glad I went, I kinda doubt we'll go to another one at that venue. I've been to *many* concerts, but nothing like this. Rushing security gets people kicked out, there it's just weight lifting for security. The same people flew over time after time. Strange night.

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  1. I am glad you didn’t get seriously injured. This show doesn’t sound like something I would enjoy, not at all!