Wednesday, July 18, 2012

America's Got Talent

OK, I'm finally watching last night's AGT and try to review it before the votes are announced. Did anyone else watch it? I'm fast forwarding through the acts I'm not a fan of. Six minutes left to find three more acts worth sending though. I believe that the acts are manipulated to make sure the judges' favorites go through. There is no doubt about that comment. OK, stop the blasts. Here's why I think that. Andrew DeLion. HUH? Big Barry has absolutely NO TALENT, but was put through over Andrew who has real talent. WHY would that happen? Because it made sure Barry would be voted out and one of their favorites would be put through. Andrew will be brought back as a wild card. Howard talking about him really showed the judges are getting more than a little flack about it. Andrew should have been put through. I think the show made a big mistake here and now people are positive it's fixed. Hate to write that because I've loved this show from the day it started. Getting rid of Piers and adding Howard Stern as a judge was the perfect move. He brought all his millions of fans to the show, just to see what he'll say. He also brought his millions of haters, just to see what he'll say. Those people will tear apart a show and making it so obvious that America is being manipulated might have been the wrong move.

I adore the Untouchables.
Fire Juggler, not so much.
Inspire the Fire, not a chance. (The lead singer doesn't have a strong enough voice to carry the song they chose this week & one of the dancers fell.)
Cristin Sandu, he fell. Can't say anything else about him. He's out.
Elusive, cute kid, but he's not going to make it. I'm bored and I grew up in the 80's.
Jake Wesley Rogers -- He's not Buddy Holly! Not liking his song choice, but do we have any singers yet? Maybe.I'll have to see the other acts.
All Wheel Sports (what about the gymnasts??) I saw this act at Cedar Point in Ohio. Left early and I would NEVER pay to see this. Not a chance of winning the whole thing. Again, another maybe. Need to see the rest of the show.
Word Spit and the Illus -- GAG! Haven't liked them from the start. They were put through because they will be voted out. I couldn't understand a single word he was "singing."
Jacob Williams -- Can't touch Tom Kotter.
All Beef Patty -- Middle America will NEVER vote this guy through. It's unreal. Yeah, he has a voice, but I have to ask myself, would I pay to see this guy? No.
Spencer Horsman -- Decent, but I give him a no tonight even with no other talents, he can't win.
Lightwire Theater --  Hmmm ... who does this remind me of? How about Team ILuminate?? Sadly, there was no talent tonight, so I have to give them the last spot.
My Four Choices:
Untouchables                       AMERICA
Jake Wesley Rogers            AMERICA KICKS TO THE CURB
Jacob Williams                    AMERICA PICKS
Lightwire Theater               AMERICA PICKS
There we go, I might be wrong on some, but those seem to be the only real talent.

Hubby picks:  Untouchables, Jake Wesley Rogers, All Wheel Sports, Lightwire Theater

UPDATE:  Flipped over to the results show to see how close we came to thinking like the rest of America. Lets see: Jacob Williams (My Choice & will annoy hubby with my insight for the rest of the week), Lightwire Theater (Both our choices), Untouchables (Both our choices) and to round out the night All Wheel Sports (Hubby's choice to laud over me).

Next week's show is going to be amazing! I already have more than four acts I love. Of course, get rid of Horse, the Canonball guy and the TV lyrics guy. Those are without even seeing the show.
G:x lovestruck

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