Monday, October 8, 2012


I had planned to see Taken 2 with hubby this weekend, but then our daughter had a disaster of a day. Her best friend blew her off to spend the day with boyfriend and didn't bother to tell her til she was 5 minutes away from picking her up. They were doing the whole girl thing, new hair, nails, lunch and a silly movie. Hubby and I had slightly higher scale plans.
When we ran into each other, she was crying her eyes out and nothing could help. By then, all the beauticians were closing and she couldn't get her hair colored. SIGH! What else could we do? Go see the movie I absolutely did not want to see - Frankenweenie. I had said it from the first preview, I CAN'T SEE THIS MOVIE! I knew better. There are just some things in life, I can't deal with. This movie matter happens to be one of them. I've lose far too many good friends to ever be entertained watching it happen, but she's my daughter and clearly needed me.
I sit down, and the movie starts. OK, not too bad until the baseball scene. Damn that father! Why can't he just be happy to have a smart son? Why does every father think he has the next million dollor baseball player? Of course, the worst happens. The boy's dog, Sparky, loves baseballs and goes chasing the one Victor hit. Car doesn't see the dog. Tears, burial, etc...
That's when the tears started and didn't stop until it was over. Well, til long after it was over. I couldn't eat and almost 12 hours later, I'm still crying. WHY??? Why do we all have to be reminded that losing our best friend is a nightmare we can't wake up from and our idiot parents don't know what they are talking about?
If I thought for one second I could bring back any of my beloveds, I'd be up in the attic with Mom's muffin pan. It can't happen. What comes back isn't what always leaves. My heart is smashed and I'll never get over the last loss. Adonis was the love of my life. He just knew when I needed him and was there. I'll never be able to replace him, even if I wanted to.
Just a little warning before taking your children to this movie - Yes, it has a happy ending, but the other images can't be taken away. Make sure your child knows it's only a movie and it can't happen in real life. If you think there's a chance your child will be confused, don't go to this movie. Go see Hotel Transylvania.

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