Saturday, October 20, 2012

The hits keep coming

I'm trying to figure out how to write on here using my cellphone since it's hard to use my laptop very long. For some reason, the screen sets off a massive migraine & I have far too many as it is. My newest fun symptom is dizziness. I have trouble standing or walking without falling or bumping into things. After a shower yesterday, I leaned over to turn off the water & bang! Hit the knobs. Just missed taking out my left eye. I have to keep my hair covering the left side of my face because it's all bruised & a lovely shade of black/blue/purple. Arielle came home from work last night, took one look at me & just started crying. I'm afraid to go to the ER because I think I did some real damage this time & they'll want to to a MRI. I'm terribly afraid of being trapped in that little tube. Last time, Randy had to sit in the room & hold me because I was shaking so bad. That was just a simple 5~minute scan to make sure there were no tumors. This scan Will have to be much longer & will need contrast I have trouble with that too. I'm allergic to the contrast material & guess what it does? YES! Another migraine! I have a regular appointment with the doctor on Tuesday afternoon, so maybe I'll just wait until then to let him decide what to do. October 19 I stratred writing this earlier and couldn't get my Stupid Droid to post it, so I'll just finish it here. I ended up in the ER on Sunday. I was getting ready to go to bed Saturday night and the next thing I remember, my daughter was screaming my name and crying. It was 6 a.m. I had somehow passed out and 8 hours went by. I made the mistake of going to the local hospital. They did the usual scans and tests, but found nothing. No broken bones, even though my left arm was so swollen, I couldn't bend it, my head was covered with bruised and lumps and I could barely walk without help. They wouldn't give me anything for the migraines, even though they have records of almost 20 years worth of migraines and calls from my neurologist at the Cleveland Clinic. I BEGGED for something for the pain. Gave me a shot of what might as well as water. Then the nurse patrictioner said they wanted to admit me for the night. Will they help my head? NO, sorry. Well, then no, sorry, I'm going home. A new malme nurse slams in, rips the IV out of my arm, then squeezes a piece of gauze so hard I cried. Then he bent my arm up HARD to find a piece of tape. I was crying by that time. He came back with the tape, I was holding my arm and told him he hurt me and not to touch me again. He shoved a clipboard at me to sign since I was going AMA and he left. Luckily, my mother was with me or I would have been crawling out of there naked. I could barely walk. I was given NO discharge papers, test results or the required wheelchair ride to the car. Mom walked me to the nursing center. I asked for the "nurse's" name since he hadn't bothered to tell me his name or if he was even a nurse. I called the hospital and made a formal complaint. The "nurse" lied and said I was the one causing problems. I couldn't barely move and couldn't think because my head was so badly injured. The hospital knew he was lying and said they with my results that day. I did get the call and was told there was nothing wrong with me. HUH? Being unconscious for 8 hours is normal? An arm swelled twice the size of a normal arm is fine? Not being able to converse like an adult is normal? Fine, go ahead and cover for your staff. The lies will come out. One of these days, they will push the wrong person and they will call me. Lying, cheating and more is wrong and hurting patients is sickening. What happened to, "Do No Harm?" I will see my regular doctor on Tuesday. After he finishes yelling for not going to his hospital, he'll take care of me and make sure he does his best to help me. He's the only doctor I truly trust. Please, feel free to tell any problems you have had with medical staff. Have you been treated like a piece of meat and then thrown away? It's time to make people accountable.

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