Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Post~op Post

I'm slowly healing from the oral surgery yesterday. Solid food is out for a few days, but maybe I can lose a couple pounds this way?? My face is swollen on the left side where the two molars were dug out. They were both badly infected, so the hope is that clearing up those infections will help relieve some of the non~stop Migraines. Also have a swollen right hand that's black & purple where the nurse collapsed a vein trying to start an IV. The surgery went well. Once the Doctor walked in & said hello, it seemed like I closed my eyes & I was in recovery. Randy was so great. Never left my side. When we got home (a 40-minute drive), he helped me into pj's & bed. He stayed with me, even though I was totally unconscious for 4 or 5 hours. He played the X~Box 360 on silent just to keep an eye on me. I need to cover the PA Wilds 6th annual spring banquet meeting tomorrow night, so I hope to look at least semi~human for that. Thanks to being a teenage girl in the 1980's, I have lots of make~up in my purse! Arielle will drive there. She's been learning how to help me do the job and spent this afternoon chasing around paperwork at the local Courthouse. She's also learning that reporters don't get a lot of money, so meals are what we get as benefits. :) Hope all my friends are well out there in cyberspace! G


  1. Let's see .. your surgery was on Apr. 30th, so that was 3 days ago. Yesterday would have been the day you covered the PA Wilds 6th annual spring banquet meeting; hope that went well for you. Is Arielle thinking of following in your footsteps, or is she continuing with the massage study?

    1. She's taking her State boards in 2 weeks to get her massage therapy license. She's always gone to events with me since I homeschooled her in second grade. Now she or Trevor drive me around. They both want to learn to drive a standard, so they can borrow my sweet Betty Lou some day in the very, very distant future. =~}