Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter, to all those who celebrate!

Just wanted to write a quick note to wish all my friends who celebrate Easter a very happy one! I hope the Easter Bunny brought you just what you wanted in the basket. OK, I realize that is probably not what the true believers think of when it is brought up, but that is what Easter has become. Rather than the time when Jesus was raised from the dead after three days in the tomb, the holiday has turned into a time for children to find hidden eggs, get baskets of candy and other goodies from the "Easter Bunny" as well as a time for family to gather and eat a huge ham dinner together.

The eggs are from the pagan Sabbath of Ostara. They symbolize renewing life. Christians took over the pagans' sabbats to make it easier to force the population to convert to their new religion. Same with Samhain (Halloween), Yule (Christmas ~ it isn't possible that Christ was a Capricorn, he had to have born in the spring) and so many more. I won't make this into a paper on the true holidays, just a quick look at where it came from.

Until later! We'll catch you!

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