Saturday, May 24, 2014

My brother, the TV star!!

Last night marked a special night for my family. My younger brother Todd has his first starring role on TV on the ID Channel Nightmare Next Door! I'm so proud of him!!

He played the character of Uncle Terry who finds his niece shot and dead in her bed. He truly did an excellent job when he was being interrogated by the police. It was mostly ad-libed. If you get a chance to watch the episode of Nightmare Next Door on the Investigation Discovery Channel On Demand, do yourself a favor and see it.

He's always wanted to be an actor and is finally getting the shot. He's appeared in many big budget movies. Currently he's filming South Paw that stars 50 Cent, Forrest Whittaker and a whole list of top-natch actors. Hoping he gets more screen time in this film. Promise Land that starred Matt Damon, was his most screen time in a movie yet. He had a lot of screen time in the low budget movie Croaker that his fiancée Kelly also acted in. My family got a chance to be in a low budget horror film called The Other Side that is a zombie movie. Hubby, oldest daughter and I were all zombies, but my son played a senior in high school. Trevor is very tall and slender with washboard abs. He is perfect for acting, but he wants to program video games and computer programs. He's currently in Mexico with his girlfriend Ana, visiting her family in Tijuana.

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